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What To Pack in Your Carry On

Long flights can be rough. Sitting in a tiny space for several hours with screaming children on board and annoying pilot intercom. Even though you can't control these things, you can control what you pack in your carry on bag. A carry on bag and the things inside is one of the biggest keys on having a good flight. If a sneaky business class upgrade doesn't work, at least you have your carry on bag to make your time on the plane pleasant.

First things first, you have to have a good carry on bag. My favorite brand for luggage is Samsonite. They offer reliable luggage that ranges from $50 - $300. They are great quality and last for years!

1. Headphones - One of the best things to have on an airplane is a set of noise cancelling headphones. They can block out the sound of a crying baby and the annoying pilot intercom. They may be a bit on the pricing side but they are total worth it. These headphones will not only look great but have amazing sound.

2. Camera - When traveling, you have to bring a camera to capture those amazing memories you make. Packing a camera in a checked bag can be risky and can easily be lost so I would recommend packing it in your carry on. This camera is portable and is great for plane window shots!

3. Portable Charger - Everyone has had that moment when their phone dies right in the airport. Every other charging station is taken so you’re stuck with a dead phone. When traveling, you should always have a portable charger just in case a situation like that happens.

4. Watch - I can't go anywhere, without my favorite watch on my wrist. (If you aren't a fan of Apple, here is another great watch)

5. An Empty Water Bottle - I have found bringing your own empty water bottle to the airport is so helpful. TSA will let you bring an EMPTY water bottle through security, so than you aren't paying expensive prices at the airport for cheap plastic water bottles. This water bottle is my favorite bottle and is so durable. Even though they are expensive they are so reliable.

6. Breath Mints - Have you ever gotten off a flight with terrible breath? I have. Bringing breath mints is so helpful so your breath smells nice and fresh. These mints are so small and turn into mouth wash when you put them in your mouth.

7. Travel Bottle Set - ideal for carrying all liquids on board, these travel bottles are TSA approved, BPA free, and even have little suction cups to stick to walls.

8. Neck Pillow - My life has changed with bringing a neck pillow on a flight. You can get so much more sleep with a pillow. This is my favorite and is filled with micro-beads instead of memory foam, which I find a lot more comfortable.

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