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Telluride in the Fall

Fall is the best time to visit Colorado. I went to Telluride for the third time, and the leaves were more golden and fiery red than I remember. I stayed in Mountain Village, which is north of Telluride, and it has a gondola that travels up and down to the mountain to Telluride.

The second day it began to snow (it has never snowed before while I was there), and sitting by the fire in my cozy hotel room looking at the snowy trees out the window gave me the most magical feeling. I went to a small town called Ouray for a day. Ouray has the cutest shops and restaurants. On the way to Ouray we saw a herd of elk, so we pulled over, and it was the perfect photo opportunity. I had lunch and than went to the hot springs. The hot springs is a pool that is fed by natural hot springs. I loved just sitting in the pool and looking at the gorgeous scenery around me covered in snow. The last day of our trip, my parents and I decided to hike Bear Creek Trail in Telluride. We thought it would be a 5 mile hike, but it ended up being almost 10 miles! By the time we got back to Telluride we were exhausted. We ended the day by having a wonderful dinner and walking around the cute little town. The whole trip was magical and is a memory I will never forget.

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