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October went by quickly this year but fall was still amazing. Halloween is always a big deal in my family. We have a history of going all out in food, parties, costumes, and decorations. Since my parents and I live in the country pretty far from downtown, we don't have any trick or treaters. But my grandma gets lots. So every year we go to her house to trick or treat and to pass out candy. But this year was more simple than the years before. She had less trick or treaters, and the day after Halloween my family and I left to go on vacation. I was P.T. Barnum from "The Greatest Showman" this year and I loved my costume. Before passing out candy at my grandma's house we went down to Mt. Vernon Street, which is Prescott's most popular place for trick or treating. I met up with a group of friends and we went down Mt. Vernon trick or treating. Walking down Mt. Vernon is so neat, seeing the historic homes of Prescott decked out for Halloween. Some houses were simply decorated, but the majority of them were spectacular and jam packed with decorations. Prescott is such an amazing town when it comes to big holidays. I got so much candy that I will probably still have some left next year! Halloween was so great this year, and I can't wait for next year.

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